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5 competition venues

The 18th FINA World Championships will become a low-cost, high efficiency event utilizing sports facilities of the Summer Universiade 2015 .

Existing sports facilities including Nambu University International Aquatics Center are utilized while additional necessary facilities will be installed temporarily.
By installing near existing facility infrastructure, accessibility, efficiency and economic feasibility can be attained.

Location guide

Directions: Honam Expressway – Gwangsan IC – Nambu University International Swimming Pool

Directions: Honam Expressway - Gwangsan IC – Yeomju Gymnasium (temporary Pool)

Directions: Honam Expressway – Dongrim IC – Bitgoeul-daero – Naebang-ro – Gwangju City Hall

Directions: Honam Expressway – Songam Toll Gate – 2nd beltway – Jinwol International Tennis Courts

Directions: Honam Expressway – Baekyangsa IC – Bangjang-ro – Mangol-ro – Bongam-ro – Sinheung-ro – Jangseongho Lake